EndoCab(R) IgM ELISA kit  

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種由来 Human
感度 0.05 MMU/ml
測定範囲 0.05-3.5 MMU/ml
参考文献 1. Barclay, GR; Endogenous endotoxin-core antibody (EndoCab) as a marker of endotoxin%exposure and a prognostic indicator: a review. Prog Clin Biol Res 1995, 392: 263%2. Allan, E et al; Anti-bacteroides lipopolysaccharide IgG levels in healthy adults and%sepsis patients. Immunol Med Microbiol 1995, 11: 115%3. Barclay, GR, Antibodies to endotoxin in health and disease. Rev Med Midrobiol 1990, 1:%133%4. Rahman, S et al; Intestinal hypoperfusion contributes to gut barrier failure in severe%acute pancreatitis. J Gastrointest Surg 2003, 7: 26%5. Eckerwall, G et al; Early nasogastric feeding in predicted severe acute pancreatitis: A%clinical, randomized study. Ann Surg 2006, 244: 959%6. Redd, A et al; Microbial translocation, the innate cytokine response and HIV-1 disease%progression in Africa. PNAS 2009, 106: 6718%7. Boleij, A et al; Increased Exposure to Bacterial Antigen RpL7/L12 in Early Stage%Colorectal Cancer Patients. Cancer 2010, 4014%8. Pasternak, B et al; Lipopolysaccharide Exposure Is Linked to Activation of the Acute%Phase Response and Growth Failure in Pediatric Crohn’s Disease and Murine Colitis.%Inflamm Bowel Dis 2010, 16: 856%9. Bukh, A et al; Endotoxemia Is Associated with Altered Innate and Adaptive Immune%Responses in Untreated HIV-1 Infected Individuals. PlosOne 2011, 6: e21275%10. Mondal, D et al; Contribution of Enteric Infection, Altered Intestinal Barrier Function, and%Maternal Malnutrition to Infant Malnutrition in Bangladesh. CID 2011%11. Dello, S et al; Total Intermittent Pringle Maneuver during Liver Resection Can Induce%Intestinal Epithelial Cell Damage and Endotoxemia. PlosOne 2012, 7: e30539


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