Metal FluorTM Zn-520, AM  

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励起波長 492
蛍光波長 514
分子量 721.62
参考文献 Colvin RA, Laskowski M, Fontaine CP.. (2006). Zinquin identifies subcellular compartmentalization of zinc in cortical neurons. Relation to the trafficking of zinc and the mitochondrial compartment. Brain Res, 1085, 1.
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使用文献 Liu Zixuan, Lv Xuying, Xu Lei, Liu Xuting, Zhu Xiangyu, Song Erqun, Song Yang. (2020). Zinc oxide nanoparticles effectively regulate autophagic cell death by activating autophagosome formation and interfering with their maturation. Particle and fibre toxicology, 1, 1--17.


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ABD 21263 1 MG
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