Mitomycin C  

別品名 Ametycine
別包装 あり
純度 >98%
分子量 334.33
CAS RN® 50-07-7
構造 C15H18N4O5
使用目的 Mitomycin C is a DNA-damaging agent and small-molecule inhibitor effectively sensitize cancer cells to tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL).IC50 & Target: DNA synthesis[1]In Vitro:The HCT116 (p53-/-) cells are minimally sensitive to either Mitomycin C or TRAIL alone. However, surprisingly, combination treatment with MMC and TRAIL decreases cell viability significantly. Although Mitomycin C and TRAIL alone are moderately effective, Mitomycin C substantially enhances the effect of TRAIL on suppression of the cell proliferation. Mitomycin C and TRAIL treatment alone induces 9.5% and 35.0% apoptosis, respectively. However, combination treatment with Mitomycin C and TRAIL enhances apoptosis to 66.6%[1]. Mitomycin C is a cytotoxic chemotherapeutic agent that causes DNA damage in the form of DNA cross-links as well as a variety of DNA monoadducts and is known to induce p53[2].In Vivo:Mice bearing xenografted HCT116 (p53-/-) colon tumors and HT-29 colon tumors are treated with Mitomycin C (i.p., 1 mg/kg) and TRAIL (i.v., 100 μg) every other day. Animals are treated with 10 consecutive cycles of the combination therapy regimen. The combination therapy suppresses tumor growth significantly and does not impact the weight of the mice, indicating that the therapeutic combination of Mitomycin C and TRAIL is well-tolerated and has anti-tumor activity in vivo[1]. Intravesical Mitomycin C instillations has an effect on body weight that is not observed in normal, NaCl instilled or Epirubicin instilled rats. After 3 consecutive weekly instillations of 1 mg/mL Mitomycin C there is almost no weight gain, whereas rats in the other 3 groups has a statistically significant weight gain compared with MMC treated rats[3].
参考文献 Biomed Pharmacother. 2017 Aug 18;95:18-24.
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「>90mg/mL」のように記載されている場合、その化合物はその溶媒に90mg/ml で溶けたことを示しています。(ただし、最大でどのくらい溶けるかは試験していません。)


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MCH HY-13316 10 MG
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