Cell MeterTM Live Cell Caspase 8 Binding Assay Kit *Green Fluorescence*  

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励起波長 492
蛍光波長 514
検出系 蛍光
参考文献 Bittner, Sebastian and Knoll, Gertrud and Ehrenschwender, Martin. (2016). Death receptor 3 mediates necroptotic cell death. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, , 1--12.
Tavares, Raquel and Pathak, Sushil Kumar. (2015). Helicobacter pylori protein JHP0290 exhibits proliferative and anti-apoptotic effects in gastric epithelial cells. PloS one, 10(4), e0124407.
Tavares, Raquel and Pathak, Sushil Kumar. (2017). Helicobacter pylori Secreted Protein HP1286 Triggers Apoptosis in Macrophages via TNF-Independent and ERK MAPK-Dependent Pathways. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 7, 58.
使用文献 Song Ya-Li, Wang Bin-Fang, Jiang Neng-Gang, Jin Yong-Mei, Zeng Ting-Ting. (2020). CD8dimCD3+ lymphocytes in fever patients might be biomarkers of active EBV infection and exclusion indicator of T-LGLL. Biomarkers in Medicine, 18, 1703--1715.


図4 Jurkat細胞におけるカスパーゼ8活性測定(品番:20115)
蛍光顕微鏡による観測でも、1 uMのstaurosporineを添加したJurkat細胞は、FAM-LETD-FMKで 37℃、1時間インキュベート後に蛍光強度の増加が認められた。

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ABD 20115 25 TEST
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