iFluorTM 647 succinimidyl ester  

データシート 掲載ホームページ
励起波長 649
蛍光波長 664
分子量 ~1100
参考文献 Piccard, Helene and Berghmans, Nele and Korpos, Eva and Dillen, Chris and Aelst, Ilse Van and Li, Sandra and Martens, Erik and Liekens, Sandra and Noppen, Sam and Damme, Jo Van and others. (2012). Glycosaminoglycan mimicry by COAM reduces melanoma growth through chemokine induction and function. International Journal of Cancer, 131(4), E425--E436.
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使用文献 Alnafakh Rafah, Saretzki Gabriele, Midgley Angela, Flynn James, Kamal Areege M, Dobson Lucy, Natarajan Purushothaman, Stringfellow Helen, Martin-Hirsch Pierre, DeCruze Shandya B, others. (2021). Aberrant Dyskerin Expression Is Related to Proliferation and Poor Survival in Endometrial Cancer. Cancers, 2, 273.


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ABD 1031 1 MG
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