Anti IgG (H&L)  

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別品名 AT488, ATTO 488, ATTO-TEC 488
種由来 Goat
標識物 ATTO 488
精製度 Affinity Purified
適用 Western Blot
Immuno Fluorescence
Fluorescence based plate assays
免疫動物 Rabbit
交差種 Goat
非交差(吸収処理)種 Human
形状 凍結乾燥品


ATTO (R) dyes can be used for multicolor immunofluorescent detection with low background and high signal. Examples shown are: A. Tubulin in PtK2- male Rat Kangaroo Kidney Epithelial Cells was detected using ATTO 532 labeled secondary antibody.B. Muscle alpha-actin was stained with a mouse primary antibody and ATTO 488 anti-mouse IgG (green) while Cytokeratin was stained with polyclonal rabbit anti-cytokeratin and ATTO 647N anti-rabbit IgG (red).C. HUVEC (Human umbilical vein endothelial cells were stained with anti- Vimentin-ATTO 532 (green), anti-E-Cadherin-ATTO 655 (red) and DAPI (blue).D. Rat colon sections were stained with Anti-Aquaporin 3-ATTO 594 antibody. Hoechst 33342 (blue) is used as counterstain.Images provided courtesy of Dr. Jorg Reichwein, ATTO-TEC GmbH

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RKL 605-452-013 500 UG
[1.0 mg/mL]
希望販売価格 ¥71,000


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納期目安 約10日
保存温度 4℃




メーカー名 Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.
略号 RKL