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励起波長 498
蛍光波長 520
分子量 1159.16
参考文献 Ghosh, Rajeshwary and Goswami, Sumanta K and Feitoza, Luis Felipe BB and Hammock, Bruce and Gomes, Aldrin V. (2016). Diclofenac induces proteasome and mitochondrial dysfunction in murine cardiomyocytes and hearts. International Journal of Cardiology, 223, 923--935.
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使用文献 Tiwari Shuchita, Mishra Manish, Salemi Michelle R, Phinney Brett S, Newens Joanne L, Gomes Aldrin V. (2020). Gender-specific changes in energy metabolism and protein degradation as major pathways affected in livers of mice treated with ibuprofen. Scientific reports, 1, 1--17.


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ABD 13455 1 MG
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