Anti CENP-Q  

データシート 掲載ホームページ
別品名 Cenp-Q, centromere protein Q, CENPQ
種由来 Human
標識物 Unlabeled
精製度 Affinity Purified
適用 Western Blot
Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
免疫動物 Rabbit
交差種 Human
GENE ID 55166
Accession No.(Gene/Protein) 40068061, Q7L2Z9
Gene Symbol CENPQ
形状 滅菌済み液状品
その他 [Uniprot ID]Q7L2Z9
参考文献 [Pub Med ID]21454580


Immunofluorescence microscopy using Rockland's protein A purified anti-CENP-Q antibody shows detection of endogenous CENP-Q in HeLa whole cell lysate. Primary antibody was used at 1:100 followed by secondary antibody diluted 1:150. Red punctate anti-CENP-Q signal colocalizes in overlay images with green punctate anti-CREST signals at the kinetochores (attached points of sister chromatids). Visible are colocalized CENP-Q and CREST signal at various stages of the cell cycle as indicated from interphase to the end of mitosis. Nuclei are counter stained with bisbenzimide. Personal Communication, Kyung S. Lee, CCR-NCI, Bethesda, MD

メーカー 品番 包装
RKL 200-401-B48 100 UG
[1.15 mg/mL]
希望販売価格 ¥89,000


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納期目安 約10日
保存温度 -20℃




メーカー名 Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.
略号 RKL