Anti Cybr  

データシート 掲載ホームページ
別品名 Cytohesin-interacting protein Cytohesin-binding protein HE Cbp Pleckstrin homology Sec7 and coiled-coil domains-binding protein Pscdbp
抗原部位 C-terminus
種由来 Mouse
標識物 Unlabeled
精製度 Affinity Purified
適用 Western Blot
Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
免疫動物 Rabbit
交差種 Mouse
GENE ID 227929
Accession No.(Gene/Protein) 21105855, Q91VY6
Gene Symbol CYTIP
形状 滅菌済み液状品
その他 [Uniprot ID]Q91VY6
参考文献 Coppola,V., Barrick,C.A., Bobisse,S., Rodriguez-Galan,M.C., Pivetta,M., Reynolds,D., Howard,O.M., Palko,M.E., Esteban,P.F., Young,H.A., Rosato,A. and Tessarollo,L. (2006) The scaffold protein Cybr is required for cytokine-modulated trafficking of leukocytes in vivo. Mol. Cell. Biol. 26 (14), 5249-5258. Watford,W.T., Li,D., Agnello,D., Durant,L., Yamaoka,K., Yao,Z.J., Ahn,H.J., Cheng,T.P., Hofmann,S.R., Cogliati,T., Chen,A., Hissong,B.D., Husa,M.R., Schwartzberg,P., O'Shea,J.J. and Gadina,M. (2006) Cytohesin binder and regulator (cybr) is not essential for T- and dendritic-cell activation and differentiation. Mol. Cell. Biol. 26 (17), 6623-6632. Boehm,T., Hofer,S., Winklehner,P., Kellersch,B., Geiger,C., Trockenbacher,A., Neyer,S., Fiegl,H., Ebner,S., Ivarsson,L., Schneider,R., Kremmer,E., Heufler,C. and Kolanus,W. (2003) Attenuation of cell adhesion in lymphocytes is regulated by CYTIP, a protein which mediates signal complex sequestration. EMBO J. 22 (5), 1014-1024.


Western blot using Rockland's affinity purified anti-Cybr antibody shows detection of endogenous Cybr from mouse splenocytes using anti-Cybr antibody to immunoprecipitate and western blot (lanes 1-3). Lane 1 shows reactivity of pre-immune sera. Lane 2 shows endogenous Cybr detected with antibody. Lane 3 shows no band detected in lysates prepared from splenocytes of Cybr knock-out mouse. Lane 5 shows direct western blot of wt splenocytes. Lane 6 shows direct western blot of knock out mouse. Personal Communication, V. Coppola, NCI, Bethesda, MD.

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RKL 600-401-A23S 25 UL
[0.86 mg/mL]
希望販売価格 ¥22,000


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納期目安 約10日
保存温度 -20℃




メーカー名 Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.
略号 RKL