IgE, EIA Kit  

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種由来 Mouse
交差種 Mouse
使用目的 This kit is ELISA using two kinds of mouse monoclonal IgE antibodies. Mouse IgE can be measured high sensitivity. These antibodies have specific reactivity to mouse-IgE and do not have reactivity to other immunoglobulin. All the reagent is enclosed with the kit, and need not make the reagent newly. The reaction will end in about two hours. This kit uses 96-well microplate and a lot of samples are treatable at a time. The microplate reader(450 nm) is necessary for the measurement.
構成内容 Antibody: X
Plate: X
Coating: X
Control: -
Standard: X
Labeling: X
Substrate: X
Others: X
1. Anti-Mouse TgE Plate 8 wells/12 strips X 1 set
2. Anti-Mouse IgE Enzyme Conjugate 11 mL X 1 vial
3. Mouse IgE Standard 10 ng / mL 1 mL X 1
4. Mouse IgE Standard 50 ng / mL 1 mL X 1
5. Mouse IgE Standard 100 ng / mL 1 mL X 1
6. Mouse IgE Standard 250 ng/mL 1 mL X 1
7. Mouse IgE Standard 500 ng/mL 1 mL X 1
8. Sample Diluent, 0 ng/mL Standard 30mL X 1 bottle
9. Chromogen Substrate 15 mL X 1 bottle
10. Washing Concentrate 50 mL X 1 bottle
11. Stopping Solution 12 mL X 1 bottle
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YMS 7675 96 TEST
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略号 YMS