Anti C5  

データシート 掲載ホームページ
別品名 Complement C5, Hemolytic complement, Gene name: C5
種由来 Mouse
標識物 Unlabeled
適用 IHC paraffin embedding section
IHC frozen section
Immuno Fluorescence
Immuno Assay
Functional Assay
免疫動物 Mouse
抗体クラス IgG1
クローン BB5.1
交差種 Rat
添加剤 BSA free, low endotoxin
使用目的 Effective inhibitor of C5 activation
参考文献 1. Frei, Y et al; Generation of a monoclonal antibody to mouse C5 application in an ELISA assay for detection of anti-C5 antibodies. Mol Cell Probes 1987, 1: 141%2. Thurman, J et al; C3a is required for the production of CXC chemokines by tubular epithelial cells after renal ischemia/reperfusion. J Immunol 2007, 178: 1819%3. Mihai, S et al; The alternative pathway of complement activation is critical for blister induction in experimental epidermolysis bullosa acquisita. J Immunol 2007, 178: 6514%4. Wang, H et al; Inhibition of terminal complement components in presensitized transplant recipients prevents antibody-mediated rejection leading to long-term graft survival and%accommodation. J Immunol 2007, 179: 4451%5. Huugen, D et al; Inhibition of complement factor C5 protects against antimyeloperoxidase antibody-mediated glomerulonephritis in mice. Kidney Int 2007, 71: 646%6. Nilsson, K et al. Enhanced susceptibility to low-dose collagen-induced arthritis in CR1/2-deficient female mice ? possible role of estrogen on CR1 expression. Faseb 2009, 23:%2450%7. Copland, D et al. Systemic and local anti-C5 therapy reduces the disease severity in experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis. Clin exp immunol 2010, 159:303%8. Pavlovski, D et al; Generation of complement component C5a by ischemic neurons promotes neuronal apoptosis, Faseb 2012, 26: 3680
[注意事項] ラットとの交差反応性はIHCでのみテストされており、他のアプリケーションではテストされていません。


メーカー 品番 包装
HCB HM1073-1MG 1 MG
希望販売価格 ¥255,000


当社在庫 なし
納期目安 2週間程度
保存温度 4℃




メーカー名 Hycult Biotech (Former Hycultbiotechnology)
略号 HCB