Anti CD97  

別品名 CD 97 antibody, CD97 antigen antibody, CD97 molecule antibody, Leukocyte antigen CD97 antibody
抗原部位 a.a.1-512, Extracellular domain
種由来 Mouse
標識物 Unlabeled
精製度 Ig fraction - Protein A
適用 Western Blot
Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Immuno Fluorescence
免疫動物 Rabbit
交差種 Human
GENE ID 26364
Accession No.(Gene/Protein) 251823835, Q9Z0M6
Gene Symbol CD97
形状 凍結乾燥品
その他 [Uniprot ID]Q9Z0M6


Western blot using Rockland's Protein A purified anti-CD97 antibodyLane 1: lysate from cells transfected with control DNA. Lane 2: bone marrow lysates taken from CD97 knockout mice. Lane 3: lysate from COS cells expressing Fc-CD97- (5EGF). Load: 10μL per lane. Primary Antibody: 1:1,000 dilution of the primary antibody was used. Secondary Antibody:Exposure: 10-sec. Results: The formation of the CD97 complex is currently under investigation. A shows detection of bands corresponding to free Fc-CD97- (5EGF) (lower arrowhead) and Fc-CD97- (5EGF) present as a complex (upper arrowhead) in lysates from COS cells. No staining was noted from bone marrow lysates taken from CD97 knockout mice. ~65 kDa appearing in all lanes is not known. Personal Communication. Yvona Ward. NIH, NCI, CCR, Bethesda, MD.

メーカー 品番 包装
RKL 200-401-908 500 UG
[5.0 mg/mL]
希望販売価格 ¥102,000


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納期目安 約10日
保存温度 -20℃




メーカー名 Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc.
略号 RKL