Cassette Electrophoresis Unit Model DPE-1020 for Mini Gel  
カセット電気泳動槽DPE-1020 (ミニゲル用二連式)  

データシート 掲載ホームページ
使用目的 1) Unique Wedge system to firmly and easily fix the Gel Plate
2) Buffer filled in the Chambers to cool all the surface of the Gel Plate
3) Smaller quantity of buffer required
4) Easier sample loading visible through the transparent body
5) EN61010-1 safety standards satisfied.
構成内容 1) Lid with power cables 1(#303114)
2) Anode Buffer Chamber 1(#303112)
3)Cathode Buffer Chamber Frame with electrodes 1(#303113)
4) Gasket 2(#304963)
5) Wedge 2(#304972)
6) Acrylic Plate 2(306000)
Instruction manual 2
その他 [用途]ミニゲル(10 cm x 10 cm)用


Wedge System holds gel firmly.
Movable slide plugs allows for simple set-up.
Double-sideded electrophoresis buffer optimizes heat radiation.
Highly visible wells enable easy sample loading.

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DCB 303111 1 SET
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