Anti CD44  

別品名 CD44
標識物 Unlabeled
精製度 Ig fraction - Protein A/G
適用 Flow Cytometry
免疫動物 Mouse
抗体クラス IgG1
クローン 7F1
交差種 Human
その他 [Uniprot ID]P16070
参考文献 1. Shedding of the CD44 adhesion molecule from leukocytes induced by anti-CD44 monoclonal antibody simulating the effect of a natural receptor ligand. Bazil V; Horejsi V J Immunol 1992 Aug 1;149(3):747-53
2. Requirements for hyaluronic acid binding by CD44: a role for the cytoplasmic domain and activation by antibody. Lesley J; He Q; Miyake K; Hamann A; Hyman R; Kincade PW J Exp Med 1992 Jan 1;175(1):257-66
3. Variations in the cytoskeletal interaction and posttranslational modification of the CD44 homing receptor in macrophages. Camp RL; Kraus TA; Pure E Cell Biol 1991 Dec;115(5):1283-92
4. Distinct effects of two CD44 isoforms on tumor growth in vivo. Sy MS; Guo YJ; Stamenkovic I J Exp Med 1991 Oct 1;174(4):859-66
5. Participation in normal immune responses of a metastasis-inducing splice variant of CD44 [see comments] Arch R; Wirth K; Hofmann M; Ponta H; Matzku S; Herrlich P; Zoller Comment in: Science 1992 Jul 31;257(5070):614 Science 1992 Jul 31;257(5070):682-5
6. Cytokine production by mature and immature CD4-CD8- T cells. Alpha beta-T cell receptor+ CD4-CD8- T cells produce IL-4. Zlotnik A; Godfrey DI; Fischer M; Suda T J Immunol 1992 Aug 15;149(4):1211-5
7. Inhibition of tumor growth in vivo with a soluble CD44-immunoglobulin fusion protein. Sy MS; Guo YJ; Stamenkovic I J Exp Med 1992 Aug 1;176(2):623-7
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