Cell MeterTM Fluorimetric Intracellular Peroxynitrite Assay Kit *Optimized for Flow Cytometry*  

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検出系 蛍光
参考文献 Dushpanova, Anar and Agostini, Silvia and Ciofini, Enrica and Cabiati, Manuela and Casieri, Valentina and Matteucci, Marco and Del Ry, Silvia and Clerico, Aldo and Berti, Sergio and Lionetti, Vincenzo. (2016). Gene silencing of endothelial von Willebrand Factor attenuates angiotensin II-induced endothelin-1 expression in porcine aortic endothelial cells. Scientific Reports, 6.
Luo, Zhen and Zhao, Qin and Liu, Jixiang and Liao, Jinfang and Peng, Ruogu and Xi, Yunting and Diwu, Zhenjun. (2017). Fluorescent real-time quantitative measurements of intracellular peroxynitrite generation and inhibition. Analytical biochemistry, 520, 44--48.


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ABD 16317 100 TEST
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