AmpliteTM Colorimetric Glucose Oxidase Assay Kit  

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励起波長 571
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参考文献 Zhao, Jun-gang and Ren, Kai-ming and Tang, Jun. (2014). Overcoming 5-Fu resistance in human non-small cell lung cancer cells by the combination of 5-Fu and cisplatin through the inhibition of glucose metabolism. Tumor Biology, 35(12), 12305--12315.
Marandel, Lucie and Gaudin, Philippe and Gueraud, Francois and Glise, Stephane and Herman, Alexandre and Plagnes-Juan, Elisabeth and Veron, Vincent and Panserat, Stephane and Labonne, Jacques. (2018). A reassessment of the carnivorous status of salmonids: Hepatic glucokinase is expressed in wild fish in Kerguelen Islands. Science of The Total Environment, 612, 276--285.


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ABD 11299 1 KIT
[500 Tests]
希望販売価格 ¥62,000


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納期目安 1週間程度
保存温度 -20℃




メーカー名 AAT Bioquest, Inc. (Former ABDBioquest, Inc.)
略号 ABD